Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The SolStars Introduction

Happy Wednesday, folks!

I've been in and out of the loop (as in, the Internet) for the past few days and I thought: 'Before my router crashes again, let me do this now!' So as I said last week, sometime in June I am going to begin posting details, pictures and "studies" of my cartooning project SolStars. What started out as a self- proposed idea of helping me break into the animation industry as a character designer and storyboard artist, became a full- blown franchise in the making!

To start off, I'll introduce some posters and character visuals I feel were "good enough" in 2009.

I created this poster back in February 2009 newly entitled The SolStars Originals. Quick disclaimer: The "u" in the title was dropped a few months ago, thanks to Sol making more sense in the grand scheme of my cartoon's setting (Sunshine City= Sol; the characters surrounding it= Stars). So why did I put the Originals put in? These are the characters that compose most of the founding lineup of the SuperToons; clearly their villains couldn't fit so they'll have their own post! Everytime I've looked at this poster, I always said to myself 'I hope I got better with anatomy!' And eventually, I did. Here are a few more examples of earlier work. These I created after this initial poster.

And recently, I made two new Originals- related posters.

The SolStars 2012? Why not?!

Smoke never clears. It just rises back up!

As you can see, some of the designs were altered a bit (Hint: all the animals have 4 fingers now). And thanks to many experiments, I've gotten better at coloring and picture composition. These are two of the pictures I showed off as penciled sketches two posts ago. Both of them took me three to four days to complete, so at least I'm able to work faster now!

There are so many pictures to show. I'm saving them for future posts only because I'm going to attempt to tell brief character stories along with their up- to- date profiles. Plus, I've just signed onto courtesy of one of my close friends. This way, I can make a portfolio of my best work to complement this blog where I do more talking/ typing. Great idea, right?!

There are my cartoons, folks. And since it seems to be a running theme that I post a picture at the end, I'll post this one. Have a good one!

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