Sunday, October 21, 2012

"So The Horror!" The Collection

It's mid- October. Green leaves are becoming harvest- colored camoflauge, blazers and jackets are fully blooming from cramped closet spaces, and most of all... Halloween is near. Remember when I showcased a particular SolStars poster in the summer titled The Haunted Valentine? Well that was just the beginning of my Halloween based cartoons. Check these out for size:


Frankenstein's Monster

The Wolfman

The Bride

The Mummy

The Gill- Man
I drew my doggy a costume. ;)
The Toll Freeze crew returns! I missed them.

A SolStars- based video game CAN happen one day!
And thus concludes the Halloween posting! Happy horrors to everyone and stay tuned for more.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gasp! Life Drawings?!

Long story short, I actually still draw from life!

Well, I kind of had to force myself to begin doing this two weeks ago. Since I've applied for my master's, the stylistic, cartoony draw of my illustrations had to be pulled back for my portfolio in order for me to show that I can still use a number of heads on a human figure and draw them. Plus, I love animals.