Thursday, August 30, 2012

The SolStars Initiative: Phase One

Good morning.
It's been a while & for good reason... The first wave of my SolStars animatics have been completed! And as a bonus, I managed to put together some animated logos for the blog at the beginning of each video.
The plot summaries are here:
And the character profiles can be read here:
And without further ado, the animatics themselves! Many of my friends were gracious enough to allow me to steal their voices for a week during hectic yet hilarious recording sessions & I really do thank them for the help. Please watch these & I hope you enjoy.
Mint: Conditioned

Game. Set, Magic!

And now... onto Phase Two; once October hits that is!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Brand. Name. Recognition.

Hi, guys.

This is going to be -possibly- the shortest blog entry I'll have. And it's all centered around one thing:

A logo for the blog!! Yes, I'm going knee- deep into making this blog project of mine important and, if anything, recognizable. These are the prototypes of the typeface for the blog, plus the logo I created so far. I'd really appreciate all the feedback I can get so I can create the finalized logo just in time for September.

.... And animate it!