Sunday, June 14, 2015

'SolForce Vol. 1: Wave One' Episode Summaries & Pages

Episode 1: Taste the Sunshine

·         Sunshine City, U.S.A.: the island of prism colored dreams, and zany newscasters. The introduction to the tropical mecca is provided by a days’ worth of citywide broadcasts. All throughout, you will meet the aforementioned members of SolForce, the city’s top recruiter of crime fighters of every kind! Witness interviews with head leader and acrobatic detective John Clue, specialized elemental detectives Robert Miles and Geraldine Archer, former circus act turned vigilante ‘Nitro’ and Martha Clue the nursing major. And if you’re lucky to read all the way through, you may witness a mucky case being solved! 

Episode 2: The Witty Kitty

·        Detectives, bounty hunters and martial artists have no problem keeping their ears to the harbors and streets for the next mission –especially when they earn a badge-. But, what happens if that next duty requires a more teenage approach? Meet Revenda Delgatta, a sarcastic science wiz of a teenage kitten attending high school in the Sunshine City district of Naturopolis. When word hits that a new powerful tonic is beginning to gain steam in the underbelly of high school campuses, Robert Miles reluctantly recruits Revenda after she mistakenly assists SolForce saving Nitro a day before. He figures that with her quick wit and sharp shooting nail-&-yarn antics that she can get to the bottom of it all with hysterically disastrous results!  

Episode 3: Psi- Wave

·         The Psychics, those poised with extraordinary senses not found in any normal toon, are loved and feared in Sunshine City. The nature of their powers can be traced back to the seemingly ancient force known as the Psi- Swirl, an object many found to have been a pivotal force in saving the island from natural disasters for decades before it truly existed. Wise and grizzled astronomer Walden Doolittle is recruited by SolForce to further their research of the Psychics, as he is one. All throughout, he will be assisted by Manny Q., Sunshine City’s oldest resident of 70 years and former inkblot cartoon star, and two fellow –and much younger- Psychics. RaiStar Twinkle, the agency’s mascot who heralds from Rainboa the floating village above the city’s stratosphere and Ceasar ‘A.C.’ Southermire, a cool-as-ice new intern who part times as a graphic designer for the Sunshine Chronicles. Together, they undergo a series of training sessions, cafĂ© hops and a call of action when mysterious creatures from the shadows emerge from the depths of the island!

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