Monday, December 30, 2013

The Watercolor Tests

This past autumn, I decided to use a medium I NEVER thought I'd go back to: watercolor! So I mixed my markers & ink with them to see how they fare out. Here are the 'tests'.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Closing Time...

I did my best to draw as much as possible this autumn!



Here's to more experimentation next year!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How does the power suit you?

That's the question I'd ask my characters thanks to their transformations from Power Suit ON! post. So, I decided to figure it out on my own!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Poster Round- Up

Until my summer 2013 creation post, this will suffice. This post includes my three of latest poster creations.




Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sunshine City Overture

At long last, the overture for SolStars has been done! Sunshine City, USA is represented through the video and song above and the pictures uploaded below. The piece as a whole was composed by my friend, Bella Boohyun Kim. It's a great blueprint of what's to come between us and many of my musical partners. 


Friday, August 2, 2013

Power Suit ON!

About three weeks ago, I was digging through my much bigger sketchbook (my hard drive) trying to find something I can revive. In the process, I found these:

All three of these I drew back in 2010 (geez I improved!), and if remember correctly... I wanted to give my three main guys A. C., RaiStar, & Manny Q. transformations. Just in case an alternative to SolStars ever happens (i.e. graphic novel, video game, etc.), I should be able to play around with their default designs. A week ago, I decided to flesh them out more!
I referenced many a retro superhero costume for A.C.'s radiation- based psionic powers! This came to be thanks to his opposition of a power suit with his default cool blue psionic powers. If anything, he'll learn the power of 'Change And Adapt'! 

RaiStar, the lightning generating wishing star. I have to admit something; when I gave RaiStar his name at age five, I had no idea 'Rai' was Japanese for thunder. Plus, 'Raijin' is the Thunder Cod of Japanese mythology. 'Well,' I thought. 'What's the antithesis?!' 'Fujin', the Japanese Wind God, gave me enough design choices for my wishing star! 

Long story short, Manny Q. was always a blue- collar type of 'toon since his glory days. While being a magician is great, practicing up on being a 'tool man' has it's perks, too!

As for the next three, I didn't draw much of Revenda, Moppy and Stephanie's transformations past a few light sketches that I never scanned. So, these were even more fun to work on.
Revenda's R.A.D. is finally completed! The R.A.D. (Revbot Accelerated Device) is her pet science project that's always been pushed aside in favor of solving crimes on her own. That is, until a certain character arc comes in that convinces the kitten to step back to the assembly line. Maybe I'll do a comic strip one day to show it!

Moppy always needed a bit more weight to help him throw around even more antics. Giving a maniacal gerbil an interchangeable suit of metal should do the trick! Imagine a 4 foot, 7 inched gerbil growing 4 feet taller, just because he wants too... Nightmares are to be had.

Stephanie may not be a crime fighter, but if she were to ever take her textbook flinging and zumba practices on the road with the gang, she'll don the sword, shield and tiara for good measure as 'the Horror Slayer'. Only in her daydreams at one point. A.C. would be proud!
These six characters I had a ton of fun redesigning and I'm even planning on making a poster with their transformations in the near future. Plus, I may make these stickers one day: