Friday, June 8, 2012

Kirby's Pocket Monsters!

Good afternoon!

Last week, I detailed two temporary projects I'm currently up to off and on and my main project. This week, I'm going more in depth (somewhat) with my requested project: Kirby's Pocket Monsters!

I'll start off by describing the project a bit more for those who are unfamiliar. Kirby is my favorite video game character, hands down. I would explain why, that's going to take up an entire post! One of the main reasons why I love that pink puffball is how he manages to take on the appearence and powers of his enemies, just by inhaling them. So I took the liberty of seeing what would happen if he inhaled different types of Pokemon. Here are the current results:

So far, I've made seven character visuals. All of these are based mostly on a some of the Pokemon I feel Kirby can take on the most. Based on some feedback, I'm doing a better job than I was expected to do! Then again... when people are comparing your cartooning style to not only Warner Bros. but Nintendo, something's gotta give! I'm not planning on making all 600+ Pokemon into Kirby (that'd take me a year at MOST), so I'll make seven more to conclude this project for now.

I hope all of you enjoy this posting, and tune in for... next week's. ;)


  1. These are really cute and the designs are quite good!
    Kirby's my favorite video game character too. :)

    1. Really?! I'm so glad more Kirby fans are rising.