Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Showcase

This week I could've just uploaded my little portfolio sketches of animals & whatnot, but that'll be next week once they're done! Instead, I decided to record a short video showing my recently shipped character illustration book. It was made courtesy of Blurb & for a first time made book... it actually looks good enough to show animation companies! So with some luck & dedication, this book can provide a successful first step in for me.

Have fun watching!

P. S.- Adobe Premiere was acting strange editing the video. I wanted to include a nice background song, so I posted it underneath the video. Listen while watching, please?!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Seasonal Tides

Seasonal Tides was a collection of illustrations I created, based off of the twelve months of the year and their related seasons. The finished pages all included haikus I've read that serves the illustrations' purpose. This was compiled later on into a small book. I gave myself much freedom with the mediums used, including pencil, colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, and Adobe PhotoShop (my main tool). Enjoy!



Saturday, September 8, 2012

Summer Selection

While everyone else I know is moaning and crying over the summer being over (which it's NOT), I figured that today is a good enough day to upload some new artwork and repost any of my art from tthe summer. Along with the animatics, this is mostly for portfolio purposes.

One of the projects I spoke of earlier this summer was Prelude to the Sol. It was proposed as a collection of visuals based on cartoon characters from my early days as an artist. I decided to go a slightly different direction after drawing my own female characters many times and I created my own interpretations of Cartoon Network female characters! So far, here are the ones I've completed:

Agent Honeydew.


The Powerpuff Girls.


Miss Bellum.
I acually had a lot of fun drawing them out and I plan to make maybe four more of them later on.
And then, I got an idea one Friday night in August:
I challenged myself to drawing Marvel's Avengers characters as if they were a part of my cartoon. So, it resulted in this piece:

I have yet to finish Nick Fury and Loki. Either way, all goes well!
So, the SolStars pictures I've posted already but why not repost the latest ones right?!


And thus ends, my summer collection. The autumn will bring about a new job (YES!), more creations, and applications to apply for a masters' program. Hopefully, it'll get me closer to fulfilling my career path by working with an animation studio.
Have a good day, folks!