Friday, August 1, 2014

Strawberry Dough: The Preview

Hi there! It's been a rather long time since I've made a posting, but it's only because I was preparing for my next creative project, Strawberry Dough!!
So for starters, what is Strawberry Dough about? Well in order for me to answer that, take a look at this:

This is Squishy the Sugar Glider! He was a recurring character in a few of my CG projects during my earlier college days. I was surprised -and pretty ecstatic- to see a green furred flying possum who takes his name too literally gained a lot of notice based on two 30- second shorts. Last December, I decided to take it amongst myself to give Squishy and his misadventures a trial run in my sketchbook. The more pages I drew of him and many other related animals to a sugar glider's habitat, the bigger the idea grew into wanting to create a small book based on them! Here are some preview pages: 

Most of the pages have been completed through my mixing of pencil, watercolor, and ink. The last few steps are to edit the type font and narration in the comic pages, complete three more and choose an appropriate front and back cover. Hint: the image above are the examples. I'm fast approaching the mid- August publishing date that I wish to hit, and thankfully the project is in it's final steps. Alongside the book being available on Blurb, I'm planning to make more stickers, t-shirts and the poster below available for purchase via Redbubble. I will post them once the book is completed. Thank you for all of your support and share this project with any animal lover you know!!