Tuesday, February 10, 2015

SolForce 2014 (the second half!)

Many changes have been made to SolStars throughout the past year, and the most prominent change was in the name:

As I've mentioned last year in the first post, SolForce is now the name of my main cartooning project! It mostly came about thanks to a few brainstorming sessions I had with myself. I realized that SolForce seems more universal to the wacky hotshot team of crime- fighters ever expanding on a utopian tropical city. Here are a few of the remaining pieces from last year.



Overall, Strawberry Dough and its modest success helped pave the way for my personal art projects and beyond. All through that time, I was feverishly planning on ways to expose SolForce in a similar fashion by the time mid- 2015 hits. I may have found the way in book form! Until that fateful posting in a month's time, I'll leave you with this.