Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Way of the Future

It's been two weeks?! Time flies when you're busy.

And yes, between hectic job hunts & off-&-on city treks, I've been gearing up for the inevitable: something else.

After my graduation (& when the year started), I've had thoughts of what's more to come, let alone what can I do within the time. It hit me: 'Aaron, create animations for your cartoons! You have enough characters & stories; DO IT.' Well. that's easier said than done. I have yet to acquire the proper character animating skills to go on with those projects. However, there's a newer, radical idea I had that definitely works in my benefit:

I can make animatics!

This is the rough cut animatic for my senior group project, Toll Freeze. Before this, I've never done animatics before & there's one thing I've learned from this: when in doubt, storyboard it & add sound.

This way, I can properly add more to my online portfolio. This August, I'll be creating three (possibly four) animatics based on a few of my Solstars shorts. That's why I created an event on Bookface for my friends to allow me to steal- excuse me- utilize their voices for my selected characters that I KNOW I can't voice! 

So without further ado, here are the posters & summaries:

Mint: Conditioned

It's late on a Thursday evening near sunset in Sunshine City. A nearly burned out Stephanie Monroe is wasting the last of her high-schoolday energy on Just Zumba 5, all the while waiting for her crime- fighting boyfriend Ceasar "A. C." Southermire to show up on her balcony with a treat he teased over the phone. Too bad the manical Dr. Plago forgot it was his day off!


One day while the SuperToons are readying for more wild fighting sprees, Martha Clue & Geraldine Archer are trading hints back & forth in the headquarters' dressing/ disguise room. Meanwhile, teenage assistant Revenda Domestic comes into the back of the room & listens to them while they finish. Once they supposedly leave, Revenda sneaks over to the table where she sees all of their wigs. Wanting to pass the time by, she tries them all on... & decides to act a bit!

Game, Set, Magic!

Cameron Comet has it bad... very bad. The wizard who specializes in the shadow arts to create minions of his own has always failed at one task: catching wishing star turned SuperToon crime- fighter, RaiStar Twinkle. One day, his minions the Shadi give him a rather intriging idea to mix & mesh together his many magic spells in order to defeat the star. Will he succeed, or will RaiStar laugh his way back to the headquarters.... again?!

There you have it. The characters will be shown & briefly described in next weeks post.

Until then, folks!

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