Friday, July 6, 2012

The Notebook of Blast Processing

Hiya, people!

The title of this week's post is in reference to two things...... One of them has to do with the way I create my cartoon visuals! The other.... I'll let the retro video game fans figure that out. ;P But this week I wanted to answer the question some of my colleges always ask: "How do you get your picture to look the ay they do?!" The most recent question was asked after I completed this:

Behold! The hilarious (& sometimes, sensual) mis- adventures of my teenaged couple: psychic- powered cool kid Ceasar "A.C." Southermire & shy bookworm dancer Stephanie Monroe have lead them into a mismash of horrific creatures in an episode I'd title The Haunted Valentine. See, I'm not much of a holiday specific- type person, so I decided to mesh two of them together for comedic affect!

I drew out the preliminary sketch a month ago:

While none of the monsters changed in comparison to the finished product, A.C. & Stephanie did. How? Well... in facial expressions. A.C. looked too angry for me & Stephanie was too damsel- like. It wasn't... funny enough! So, that weekend I drew some facials through my own mirror observations (something I RARELY do!):

As you can see, their expressions were pushed much more & through that came the updated visual:

Now I feel the funny! So then it was time to color it. I started with the basics of coloring the two lead characters first:

The multiply paint tool is TOO good! Next, the eerie background:

I thought a pale light blue would make for a good contrast when the creatures are colored in:

Then, it was time to add in the finishing touches of lighting & shading the leads:

And, finally the signature & logo in the final product! I've began applying to this design layout for all of my visuals since May & it seems to work greatly. The point is, everyone has different philosohies towards the way they compose their artwork. I suggest to try as many different ways as possible until you find the one that works best. Even if it takes five whole years!

Until next week, folks!

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