Wednesday, February 3, 2016

I Heart Sol

It all started with a simple task: a certain date named St. Valentine's Day is upon us and I figured it'd be a fun idea to draw a couple of postcards based on SolForce. The only two I thought of were Geraldine and A.C. As I fleshed out the compositions more, something became obvious to me; they were both drinking their favorite beverages. Geraldine sticks to her rabbit inhibitions and downs some carrot juice on her way from the farmer's market, while A.C. smirks after buying his first (out of five) latte macchiato's within his workday. 
Here's a secret: I pictured A.C. with a Kojak- esque voice in the colored version. 'Who loves ya, baby?'
These two pieces led to six more card designs with RaiStar Twinkle, John Clue, Martha Clue, Revenda Delgatta, Stephanie Monroe, and Essa and Aamoco Gerbil with some form of their favorite food or beverage drinks. This was the purest opportunity to test out a marketing plan that can reach all year round instead of only February. I titled it I Heart Sol! 

The official logo!

Without further ado, here are the original eight chosen for this test!

Ceasar 'A.C.' Southermire and a Latte Macchiato

Geraldine Archer and Carrot Juice

John Clue and a Martini

Martha Clue and Lemonade

RaiStar Twinkle and Cherries (lots of them)

Revenda Delgatta, Milk and a Mambo Dancing Gingerbread Mouse 

Stephanie Monroe and Mint Ice Cream Cake
Essa and Aamoco Gerbil and a Bowl of Cereal
One day over the week, I'll make these available as a package to order! Seeing them on a screen is great, but physical postcards with cartoon characters loving food is too tempting to pass up on.
Till then, have a great week and stay Sol-ful! 

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