Monday, January 18, 2016

'Solely Stitched: A Documentary'

One day in April 2015, a fellow Academy of Art colleague Alan Tsao asked me something peculiar during a short photo-shoot:

"So, I'm taking a Documentary class next semester. And since we've worked together a few times while you were still in school, I'm thinking. I want to make a documentary based on you!"

My first response was to look at him with a raised eyebrow and devilish smirk. Of all people you want to make a documentary on, why me?! According to him, it's thanks to my sudden return to San Francisco last year to take on a teaching job all the while continuing my upstarting art career.

I find this documentary's existence as somewhat surreal. Maybe it's my obscene modesty, but I never felt that my livelihood during my mid- 20s would be important enough to capture on camera. Last year was truly a twisted spiral on my taking on more of an "adult life". And yet, the completion of SolForce: Wave One by June and my attendance to the Independent Author's Book Expo in New Jersey in last October helped keep my artistic spirit alive.

What helped even more? The two Cartooning classes I pitched to my organization were successes! Now I have something of a fan club with elementary school students.

Thanks to film major maestro Alan Tsao, you folks can now get a 10 minute glimpse into how 2015 spun my upstarting art career upside down!

Oh, & some of my students make an appearance. Beware.

Solely Stitched on Vimeo.

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